Pot with on/off and push btn?

Any ideas where to find a potentiometer with on/off state (for turning on/off the volume) AND push btn functionality? Suggestions on pots with on/off but without push btn are also of interest. I do not want it to move several turns.

Im building a replica of the Trig TY91 radio.

I believe you would be better served by using a rotary encoder with push button. MSFS doesn’t really play well with pots.
I just looked up that radio and it looks like the right dial is a dual rotary encode with push button. You could use a little Uno and Mobiflight to run it.

Yeah, but it is the left button Im looking for. And Im writing my own code, connecting with Spad.

Well, I got help on another forum. Im gonna use a potentiometer with on/off switch, and try to place a momentary button behind in order to get the push functionality.