POV has a mind of its own

Hello, I am somewhat a novice in MSFS2020 and I am still going through flight school. I am currently struggling with the fact the point of view changes randomly while flying, I get moved to watch at the pedals, eft, right, backwards, while my input in the stick and throttle is not changing.

I tried to check at the camera settings and switch but I do not find any change linked to my HOTAS ( a Thrustmaster warthog stick, throttle and pendular pedals).

Anybody in here can point me in the rigth direction?

Thanks in advance

I think its something in the assistance settings if I remember correctly.

is there such a setting like: “Change the POV at random. Y/N?” :slight_smile:

Hahaha no.

I think when you’re doing the lessons it changes the focus to whatever controls they are emphasising.

Thank you for your message, I actually tried also The Bora Bora and Rio maps (no lessons) and it happens the same. Moreover how do I sit in the plane in those maps? The best case I can get to is to be behind and above the plane.

PS, I also tried DCS and everything works as advertised there so I do not think I have a hardware problem.

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