Powered Lift/eVTOL and Autogyro

I’m pretty excited to see both is the new trailer. I don’t think I’ve seen those mentioned as being in FS2024 before.

Is the Autogyro a Cavalon?

I’m also really excited by the Joby S4 and eVTOLs in general. I think they are perfect for a MSFS type environment, especially with the new terrain fidelity.

Are electric motors, powered-lift flight dynamics, and autogyros natively modeled now?

From what I can see in the Trailer, the Gyroplanes shown
appear to be Magni M24 Orions. Manufactured in Italy by Magni Gyro.


Not sure if they are the only Gyroplanes included, but Magni
would have probably been more approachable from an aircraft
licencing standpoint.

MS / Asobo feel free to correct me if incorrect.


Thanks, I think you found it!