Powerlines finally made it

Powerlines made it in the new version


great news! i love that!

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Been in there before the patch unless they now also added the wires, the poles were there just not the wires.

Where is the location of the powerlines??

Don’t see autogenerated (not photogrammetry) poles in “public” previous builds before.
None public is another thing, Alpha rules @patrickb1973.

BTW it’s also related to the Garmin Obstacle Database that is at the moment in development. Implementation take effect in the upcoming patches. It’s hopefully pushed out with sids and stars at the same time.

they were definitely not in there before this. I found a turf field in PA earlier this week that has powerlines crossing over its midsection and I just went back to look at it again and now the towers are there when they weren’t before

Why this was missed in the patch notes makes you wonder if there was anything else they forgot to mention


Hmm strange, i thought i seen them before but good its in now we need the pwerlines, did notice a lot more power windmills whihc is also cool


Patch notes did say that not everything was in the patch notes…for whatever reason

Awkward landing!

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only question, are lines modeled via +/- real positions??? In XP11 they were if I good remember…

No problem, I’ll try test this as I know where they are :slight_smile:

Here are some I spotted on a cross-country in Minnesota yesterday, and they’re positioned where they’re supposed to be.

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Not necessarily. OpenStreetMap contains positions of power line towers as well and Asobo said multiple times they utilize OSM data.

It might even not be related to the patch since the sim receives the generated data online. It just needs the models and textures but the position might be added/changed whenever the servers provide it.

Did i see it rigth on the pictures we have already powerlines :slight_smile: but unfortunally the powerlines arent linked with a Powercable like this:

why do people want power cables?? I think it’s completely unnecessary. To be honest the transmission towers are really just extra candy because you can see the clearcuts in the ground imagery to follow when VFR. In older FS versions having the towers was essential because default ground class imagery did not show the paths of the transmission lines, so you actually had to follow the towers. There are rare instances where they are an approach hazard, which would be a nice thing to have I agree, but in general - you could barely see them anyway even if they were there

Yes we now have powerlines with the exception of no cables attached. Hopefully they can look like the x-plane version when its done

They are nice @4K. First add-on i saw that uses cables is LOCHER Airfield. Very good implemented better as stock.

Guess we will have all the minor touches when the sim major bugs are out the way. For now the sim runs on a different Universe. Floating light bulbs at night is a wonder to watch.Guessing the AI has more to work to do.

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There are some situations where they are very much necessary. Take a look at 3M0 Gaston’s approach in Arkansas, as an example. This is widely considered the best bush strip in the Ozark Mountains. On approach, there are power lines that run VERY high across the White River, from one mountain to another. It is a critical obstacle, and visual reference.

Take the ArkanSTOL event course. There are critical power line obstacles between two of the runways that you have to clear before descending. Without the line, it isn’t the same.

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