Pre/Post Patch 2 & 3 Screenshot Comparison

I think the water is way better. Looks more natural. These sharp ripples were terrible.
As for the reflections. Maybe they should bring it back slightly more, but at least the blur makes it more realistic to me.


Yeah I agree, the water looks more realistic, but the lighting might have a few new bugs.

I’m sure it will all be fixed soon!

Madrid Ultra settings 1080p 170 SCALING

Pathetic Downgrade

True. In terms of reflections, it’s hard to say which is more realistic though. The distant ones I didn’t spot.

This post is out of date


Just took these. I’ve never been to madrid so don’t know if it actually looks like this - although you can read the “Real Madrid” words on the roof of the stadium which is pretty cool. It doesn’t look like a downgrade to me.


And nVidia overlay does FPS which is what I use. Agree with all your steps, espoecially the community folder - this is a hornets nest of potential problems.

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you play in 4k or 2k i see, the problem is Antialiasing and textures in 1080p now after update.

2k yes. I don’t see any AA issues as you say.

Appreciate the screenshot work, thanks. I guess some people are having issues, but I myself do not see any downgraded visuals at all after this latest update. Nothing wrong with textures (other than Bing maps maybe just not having super quality maps to begin with, but no change there), no issues with AA, LOD, or reflections on water, etc. Heck, my biggest gripe with the visuals is that it still places street lights on rural country roads where they don’t belong.

Yes, the street light logic is a bit weird. I flew into a tiny airstrip in the Peruvian Andes where tje runway was longer than the main stretet in the village. Had a few roads leading out of town over the mountains - and every one was festooned with bright street lights at night. I’m 100% sure they barely had electricity up there, never mind street lights on the mountain roads.

I was thinking that the PG drawing distance might have something to do with the internet connection and servers? So even those people who have a fast connection but the server is slow where they are might also experience this issue? Just a thought? Some people clearly have PG drawing issues while others do not.

Could well be true. There is also some talk of the aircraft speed meanng the PG can’t load in quickly enough for faster jets - would be worse with slow internet or slow servers as you say

Water looks more realistic.

I’m happy to report facts and show actual data to back it up. You are welcome, of course, to share your own experience/data as that will undoubtedly be the best way to get the devs to be able to improve it for you. You are of course implying that I should pretend I have an issue or perhaps not share my experience so that issues you may be having get addressed. That is, of course, a false economy as it will lead the devs to believe that everyone has the problem and that will take them in the wrong direction looking for the solutions your speak. Of course, if you have no facts to back up your issues, then the devs won’t be able to help you either.

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I think so too.

If you look at the Michigan examples, you can see the subtle distant water surface variations that are now gone in the latest patch.

I know it’s only subtle, but there are many other examples that have been posted where the water looks like oil with odd repetitive ripples.

I wish for the quality that was present at release. IMHO, Every update since has downgraded the quality in pursuit of a few more FPS.

Have you listened to the developer interview. They explain it all there and what they are doing about it

Thanks for your post!

It highlights one of the major problems: Distant drawing of objects and ground textures.

Note on your screenshot how suddenly buildings and trees stop being generated:

From cruising altitude at 39000 Feet, the problem with distant drawing becomes even more apparent:

Lets hope that, as mentioned in the Q&A, the drawing distance issue gets resolved appropriately!

Yes, although TBH, flying GA this is never an issue for me