Precache Scenery vs Stream LOD?

So I’ve noticed there are various LOD issues when streaming scenery. You really need to point and continue to stare at an area for awhile before buildings render in properly aside from their pointy jagged messes they usually are at distance. My question is - will precaching areas eliminate this problem since there is no streaming needed? I haven’t tried yet but wonder what others experienced.

I tried this with New York. Manual cache at high resolution of Manhattan Island. I was expecting miracles but the LOD of the 3d buildings was still awful… unless I was doing something wrong.

That’s where I was going to try it. Gave up once I set the manual cache and realized how far you have to zoom to cache the high quality stuff. Plus I read for others it made no difference. Oh well. I feel like there needs to be a slider to adjust that type of quality. I get pretty good frame rates on ultra so I should be able to push it a little more. I’ve notice this sim is excellent for low ga, and great when your up high. When your in between altitudes is when I notice these jagged buildings more (climb/descent).