Premium Deluxe Disappointment

Generally, I enjoy the game very much. Like many people have stated, it’s fantastic for VFR flying. I don’t want my money back. But I am really very disappointed in the Premium Deluxe content, the ten planes and ten airports I paid twice the price for.

The handcrafted airports are quite detailed, I’ll give them that, but they’re full of bugs like misaligned tarmac lights or the infamous floating lights–things that tell me there was no real quality control.

But the biggest disappointment are the two Premium Deluxe aircrafts which made the final $30 a no-brainer for me: the 787 and the Citation Longitude. Both of these planes are barely flyable, horribly buggy, and feel like they were abandoned at 80% progress because Asobo ran out of time.

Now, if these are fixed and improved in the coming updates, I’ll be happy* (and forget I ever said anything). It’s perfectly understandable the first patch focused on the people who couldn’t run or even install the game. But if they’re just like “Hey, you got extra planes and the airports are handcrafted,” I’ll be really, really p/o’d.

* Well, the game is a horrible buggy mess and someone should apologize for releasing it in this state. But the potential is amazing.

The base game in its current state gets a 6 / 10 from me, which could become 9.5. The add-ons are a tragic, “don’t buy this” 2 / 10. I know no-one asked for a rating but it felt good to write it.


I’m bummed to hear this…

I was worried about this based upon how testing went and personally ended up just subscribing to the $5/ month Xbox plan (Standard MSFS) as a result and I’m glad I did.

I don’t know if the pandemic played a role, but it really feels like Asobo got told to “get this out the door” before the new Xbox launch, despite a lot more testing and refinement really still being needed.

I think a year from now the sim will be in a much better place


If you dont know the premium delux version will come with extras down the line that you wont get with the standard edition.


Yes - I’m aware of that.

I don’t pay for “unknown extras down the line” with tech products and software though.

I’ll evaluate things as they come (or don’t) and pay for them when they are actually available.

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Why should I pay so much extra just for 10 planes and airports?
There will be countless number of airports and planes for FREE as addons…
Those Premium and Premium Deluxes are just a big hoax.

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I was so glad i bought standard. I read and watched the previews and it was clear the default aircraft were going to be fairly basic. Money saved will go on third party aircraft.


I agree with your assessment. I am enjoying the game, but it feels like it was released too early. If you go into some of the files with a text editor there are still notes on what needs to be finished.


Is it? I bought it without knowing this, where can I find this info? Thanks!

I more or less agree with you, I bought the premium deluxe since I was 100% sure I was going to buy the deluxe because Madrid Barajas airport was in it, so I decided to spend extra to get the 787.

The issue here is that the 787 is currently unplayable and the airport of Madrid Barajas at night gives me 5fps (I have a RTX2070 SUPER, I9900KF and 32Gb of Ram), while I get over 50 fps in the rest of the game.

So yeah, I paid extra and cannot use the two things I payed extra for.

Don’t take me wrong I love the sim, I could be called a fanboy, but it is certainly a bother to have to wait until they fix it. I am 100% MS forced Asobo to release early, and these are the consequences.

Anyway, I am happy with the a320 with mods for now and the new shared cockpit mode is making it for me, so I am super happy even though I have to wait.


Wow, I have to check out that airport. My machine is one or two notches worse than yours in every respect (2060 Super, i7-7700, 16 GB), let’s see what I get. (Heathrow and EDDF played a role for me getting Premium Deluxe as well but I get just-acceptable 15 fps there when taxiing.)

This weekend i noticed A 787 mod: Project Dreamliner I’m already enjoying the Airbus A320NX mod GitHub - flybywiresim/a32nx: The A32NX Project is a community driven open source project to create a free Airbus A320neo in Microsoft Flight Simulator that is as close to reality as possible. It aims to enhance the default A320neo by improving the systems depth and functionality to bring it up to payware-level, all for free. (their 0.2.0 just released). The next patch(es) will hopefully bring more fixes and together with these mods i think we have a good chance that these planes will function as good as they look :crossed_fingers:t2:

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For my 110 pounds i through this would be stand alone sim with one high fidelity jet and one GA plane but no nothing works on them AP does not work when i am flying they have a mind of there own dive climb u name it. think it is for third party developers to make money or it is a game for xbox and not a sim for a pc been siming since 2002 worst one i have had buggy buggy buggy all together now buggy buggy buggy lol

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Could you please provide information where you got this from?

I’m also pretty disappointed by the aircraft provided with the premium deluxe, but what is much worse for me is that Asobo doesn’t provide any information if they are working on improving the situation to make the price worth it.
They could clearly say that there will be improvements for specific aircraft just so customers know that they are not investing in a dead aircraft model.

There is a mod for the 787, sure, but they won’t be able to fix everything, especially some underlying FMS issues - just like the A320 project won’t.

Anyway, currently I don’t recommend buying the deluxe/premium deluxe content since there is no indication of it getting improved. But I’ll be glad to change my mind.

where is this stated?

I certainly knew better to make a decision to purchase the Premium Delux based on a couple of extra default aircraft. Default aircraft have always sucked and always will.

I did make the decision to purchase Premium Delux because of a couple extra “Hand Crafted” airports I otherwise would have to pay a 3rd party developer for.

Well after visiting these “Hand-Crafted” airports I can only say, they are only a small step above default airports (KDEN for example). I now wish I would have saved the extra $60 or so and used it to purchase actual upgrades in the way of Flightbeam, FSDT, Flytampa or LatinVFR airports.

Now I just chalk up the extra $$$ spent for no real gain to be a donation to Microsoft/Asobo… :wink:


I guess it’s a hoax. Why would Asobo plan to provide additional content but not state it clearly in the listings of the differences between packages.
The only difference advertised are the 10 airports and 10 aircraft, and I don’t think there’ll be more.