Premium Deluxe Purchased, shows up as standard

I purchased the premium deluxe version and it only installs the standard version. Frustrated since the standard is free with the game pass and when I try downloading the premium that I paid for it installs standard instead. Wondering if anyone knows how to fix this. Thanks for the help. I am using an Xbox for this.

I don’t have the Xbox version but its a guess maybe try this - go to the Marketplace (The in-game store) and look for the premium content - its most likely there as an optional download.

I just tried that, I’m hoping it just got messed up on the initial install. Uninstalled and reinstalling from the premium option in store. It still is appearing as the standard version in my queue though. Hopefully it has all the content but I won’t know for another 4 hours.

Hi, I’m having the same issue on my series x, paid for premium deluxe and its downloading standard version, did yours turn out OK?

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