Premium Deluxe worth the £65 upgrade?

I’ve been considering the upgrade all day, purely because I want the Steam gauge Cessna 172 but is it worth the upgrade?

Are there any drastically different planes than I would get in the Standard?

Also, does the Premium / Deluxe include extra Landing Missions / Bush Trips? I’m enjoying the Bush Trips in the standard and would be more inclined to upgrade if it meant I’d get more!

There are no extra trips. You get more planes, and more airports, that’s it.

I bought it because I wanted these three things:

  1. Cessna Steam Gauge
  2. 787
  3. EDDF

Everything else was gravy. I’m quite happy with it for the price.



Yea I’m mostly interested in the 172. How about the other GA planes included? Are they Glass cockpits or Steam also?

I don’t think the extra default planes are worth it. I have deluxe, but only for the extra airports. When there are a few add-on airplanes, like PMDG, I will not fly a lot of the default planes. I wouldn’t do it again.

This video does a good job of showing the planes -

I haven’t really tried the other planes yet. The 172 is really good, and the 787 is adequate (not near QW quality, but then I didn’t expect that).

EDDF is great too, and I liked EGLL.

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I like the steam gauge 172 and the extra airports.

It depends, if you are going to fly regularly to one or more of the airports and want one of the extra planes, then probably yes. If it’s just for the extra plane, then no, I would wait for a decent 3rd party version.

I think the extra airports are worth it, if you fly the regularly. Could save you money on other addon airports.

I’d only bother if I were super passionate about particular content. I bought it for Heathrow and the 787.

The non handcrafted airports are more blank and bland but if you only want to take off and land that’s not going to matter.

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Yea I’m not too fussed on the hand crafted airport. Default airports don’t bother me (until I use Vatsim I suppose the handcrafted taxiways etc would come in handy).

But my main reason for wanting to upgrade is the fact that the Cessna 172 (steam gauge) is the only plane I’ve actually flown in real life. I could wait for the A2A version to be released, but that could be over a year away.

This is exactly what I was looking for, and couldn’t find for some reason… Thank you!

I took the plunge. Was only kidding myself by holding off…

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I boiught it for one reason only, my home airfield of San Francisco hand done.

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Does anyone know why the Premium is more expensive than the Premium Deluxe? Seems strange to make the jump from Deluxe to Premium more expensive than Standard to Premium.

Most of them are glass, more like a copy and paste thing.

If i could choose now i would buy the standard version and save the rest for a proper third party aircraft rather than those half done aircrafts.


The Steam Gauge 172 seems brilliantly modelled. Right down to the visible increase in Amps when turning the ignition, and drops in RPM when switching between magnetos.

Only thing I can see that isn’t modelled is the VNAV on the Garmin 530, which Asobo has said they are working on I believe.

Well it feels like a half done aircraft that also just with steam gauges, not worth 60 usd.

No. The default AC are bad and the premium airports are same. Seeing AI taxi throug hills and terminals in a premium airport made me really mad.

Thankfully I bought this as a Plattform and never planned to use the default stuff in the longterm. But I wish I bought only std edition.

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Could that be related to generic AI plane modeling?