Premium Deluxe

Hi to all, since yesterday I uninstalled twice and reinstalled MSFS2020. Still, there is no Market Place, and there is NO Airliners. And Japan is grayed out. And have downloaded 35.17 GB update file. I have a feeling, that it complies with standard version. I have a Premium Deluxe vers. with 10 DVD’s. Also windows 10 Vers.1909. Nothing is working anymore. Can somebody help me?

Have you looked from there:

I had the download version of Premium Deluxe but I could only get it to install the standard version until I reinstalled Windows 10. Once I did that the problem was solved. Maybe a coincidence? I also corrected my Microsoft store email account. I had 2 Microsoft Store accounts with 2 different addresses so that was part of my problem. May be unrelated to yours but I thought I would share my story. Maybe it will help you or someone else.

Yes, I’ve checked the Content Manager, everything is shown Update. But there is no Airplane, no Market Place and no japan. I have a feeling it installs the Standard version. Since yesterday I am on it, I really start to feel a bit tired from it.

I had this issue. I had two gamer tags. I logged out of one and into other gamer tag, that
took care of my issue. Some how i bought fs lite under one tag and the upgrades on the other.
the i linked both accounts and havent had an issue since.