"Press any key to start" skip?

Is it possible to remove (or replace) that step like startup screen with “-FastLaunch”?

This is not a logical step because the game will be loading after this screen, you can’t basically open the game and let it load while you are in the kitchen making some food.
Why won’t you let the game load completely first before showing you that screen?

I have been browsing through official packages in “%appdata%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Official” and even tried to use “Folder find text” software to find that text but without success.

The only workaround I can think of is to code an autoclicker or macros but I don’t enjoy that kind of workarounds.
The second workaround is to reverse engineer the game which I’m sure is illegal and I am not going to do that.
The third logical fix is to show this screen when the game is 100% ready and loaded.


-FastLaunch will only skip everything before press any key

You may of opened a can of worms there friend. Folks round here are a bit sulky on that subject. Good luck to you.

What do you mean? I’ve asked a question on how to skip that “Press key” step and what I tried myself before asking for help.

I asked a similar question about it.

Went a bit off topic.

And there are other people who asked too. They also had the wrath of the grumpies. The feeling from them is, just push a key and get over it. But i’m with you. Why can’t we skip it.

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From my understanding there is no way to skip it. There is a thread under wish list to remove it, i’ve included it here. Please Remove "Press Any Key to Start"

You can go and upvote it as the devs look in that section for the most requested fixes and/or features.



I agree, this is like similar to having a 12 click process to quit an application.

It would make sense if the loading was complete, but it is not.

Once the application is launched from the desktop (shortcut in my case) it would be nice if it loaded all the way to the menu - unless an update was needed.

I have tried to search through forum but didn’t find that thread, thanks.

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Wow. I’ve been here a while now and never noticed the voting feature. Lol. I guess I’ve got a lot of searching to do. Thanks for pointing this out. :blush:

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I agree, the developers are busy dealing with bigger issues. It would be nice to streamline the startup process from the users perspective though.

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No problem, anything on the wishlist page is upvoteable. Hopefully it gets the devs attention and gets the big issues the users have found sooner rather than later.

Completely agree mate. Its definitely a low priority thing but a worthy question to ask.

As a programmer I can tell you that (re)moving that screen to the phase when the game is completely ready is no more than 5 minutes of work


I like this idea a lot. It might not end up to be a huge time saver. Booting directly to the main screen in the sim with only a loading progress indicator would be very nice. The current way it boots does seem silly. How about just a good old progress indicator while we wait to see the main screen of the sim?

As a programmer I can tell you that (re)moving that screen to the phase when the game is completely ready is no more than 5 minutes of work

Yep, I understand. I’ve done a fair bit of coding and UI design.

However that change also requires 100+ emails, several meetings, personal agendas, politics, testing, a few lunches, etc… :carousel_horse:


Ahh, so you work in a large corporate environment as well. :wink:

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and then the boss, who is not a programmer, says to his staff, I’ll be out of the office for the rest of the day but lets not take a chance, drop this change to spot 205 and carry on with the more urgent change requests. …and that my friends is how we do it in the corporate business world.


If anybody enjoys it, here’s one:

They have announced the press any key will be removed soon. It was mentioned in their last Q&A video.

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It’s still here, so if you’re looking to fix it now, have a look at [MOD] Start FS without waiting for "Press Any Key" screen .