Pressing ' Build All' , has made my custom 3d objects vanish (still in model lib folder though)

I was working on an airport for the last several months ( KPWK), and built 3 hangars and Control Tower. I mistakenly pressed’ Build All’, in the Projecct Editor window, rather than ‘Build package’ in the inspector window, and now all my custom 3d objects have vanished from the scenery.

Package is loading but my created assets are missing.

I tried building the package again, (using the ‘build package’ button, making sure the main airport is highlighted in blue, but still it seems the SDK is not reading my modellib folder with the hangars and control tower 3d assets i had built in blender.

Any way to fix this ?

see screenshot below. It says ’ failed to spawn the gltf lister for modellib’

Any idea what that means and how to fix it ?

thank you

Hello @SlidHydra647449,
If you are on the beta, please use this forum:

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I get the habit to always ensure all customization, folders and files full pathnames, are fully understood, handled and located by the SDK Project builder, before working on the scenery by itself, by unloading and reloading the project at each major change, in order to avoid such issue, which still could occurs at any time. This made me acquire a much predictable and reliable result.
Anyway, I hope you get all fixed for your current work