Pretty Upset!

Why is there no VFR map reset button!

I was changing between views with my VFR map turned on but not attached.
Suddenly my VFR map was in the top position of my scrreen with it,s toolbar to attach/detached dissapeared above my monitors top edge!

Now i cannot move the map around the scrreen anymore, since my the VFR maps, toolbar is impossible to reach!

V key does do no more then opening and closing the map.
Been busy already half afternoon/evening already wasting my time figuring this out!

Searched the forums and it seems that more players have this problem but no solution!

So i have to reinstall and delete the whole sim and start all over again to download those 90Gb,s!

I would report that as a bug if I were you.

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Hello! Please try opening the top menu, clicking on the cog wheel button on the right (Custom toolbar), and pressing “Reset Panels”. This usually fixes any panel issues. Thanks!


THANKS! That worked for me!

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Good idea! That’s one bug I didn’t hear anything about, yet. Directly to Zendesk.

Awesome, glad to hear it!

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