Printed manual

Has anyone come out yet with a printed manual?
I know there is a good online guide, but i am interested in reading up away from a device.

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Where’s the online guide?

SoFly (Flight Simulator Guide | SoFly)

I know nothing about it personally, but others on the forum have recommended it.

So why not go there and print it out, then you’d have what you want. Or maybe you could DL it and put it on your phone / ipad / tablet…?

It’s an excellent guide - as far as it goes. I keep my copy updated.

But it’s not really a manual as such. TBH the sim is evolving at such a rate I think a meaningful manual is probably a long long way away.

Looks very detailed. I think this would be good for a complete beginner not having used any other flight sim before.

Isn’t it over 100 pages? I would rather have a professionally printed and bound manual than a stapled together thing. I personally find it more convenient to be able to flip through physical pages to find something.

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I hear you, I would of liked to get a manual, the charts we used to get etc. but we now live in the digital age, and paper manuals and such are a thing of the past. @100 pages that would be one hell of a stapler hehe, you could print it 3 hole punch it and use those rings to hold it together…

Is there an option on that site to get a printed manual, maybe you should pop in over there and suggest it to them…

There are endless sites on the Internet where you can upload a pdf file and then have the printed manual sent to you. You can then decide for yourself what quality the manual should be. Here in Germany, for example, a 150-page paperback costs 5.28€. Simple and uncomplicated.

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I don’t need a printed manual, seems a waste of paper to me. BUT the manuals (PDFs) included with the better pay ware planes for FSX were nice. The checklist system in MSFS is a bit clunky and doesn’t give you much “why”. It is handy how it can highlight a button/lever for someone new to a plane though. In theory, if the planes were modeled well enough you could essentially use the airplane’s manufacturer manual.

Anything in print would be pointless with all the changes at this point…

That is paradox. I don’t need a manual because it’s a waste of paper, but in the other case I do. :sweat_smile: Even with study planes, if you buy them online, the manuals are available as pdf. I just copy the pdf files onto my tablet and read them.

Your local UPS Store or OfficeMax can take an upload of the pdf and create a spiral bound manual for ya.

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Thank you. I wasn’t aware of that.

this is such as scam. there are plenty of youtube videos and other guides on the internet you can look at for free to learn the exact same information…

It would be interesting to hear from MS &/or ASOBO about thier reasoning for producing such a big, complex and expensive piece of software WITHOUT a manual.


I take my larger PDFs to an office products store. They print the PDF out and even doing the biding.

I also highly recommend the SoFly guide. The guide is updated AT NO COST whenever there is a MSFS update. Due to the dynamic nature of MSFS and updates from SoFly, I’m putting the pages into a three-hole binder.

So I own the SoFly guide and it helped me a lot. Still, I think there is room for a proper manual. It doesn’t have to be printed, PDF is enough. Or, even better, it would be in-game. Just like Civ’s Civilopedia. If you’re new to flight sims, all the lingo and concepts take a while to digest. Yes you can find everything on the internet but an integrated experience would be better.

  1. A simple glossary would do wonders.
  2. The checklists could display a tooltip window for each step taken. However, plenty of planes have really basic checklists at the moment.
  3. G1000 is tossed at you without any explanation. SoFly guide helps but a proper tutorial would be good
  4. In-game tooltips are well-intended but I immediately turned them off because it’s always the same ones shown in sometimes random situations. The overall idea of an “did you know” system is good though.
  5. Planes are tossed at you without any filtering or grouping. Some are suitable for night flight, some can do aerobatics. The only way to figure this out is to try them all.

The sim is awesome and I enjoy it a lot. But you somehow have to earn this yourself.

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I don’t have this manual but would be interesting to know if printing companies would actually print this. The manual is protected by DRM restricting the reproduction/printing. I know it says you can print yourself but my guess is that you might struggle to have it printed by a printing company. I wouldn’t mind having a printed copy myself though.

I bought this one:

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