Private vs Officiall network in FS2020 - any diff in performance?

Stupid question maybe, but does changing frome one to the other make any sense when it comes to ethernetspeed?

You mean private (trusted) vs public? It shouldn’t. It only affects how your computer behaves inside the LAN, for example can share files etc.

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Yes, exactly! So no LAN difference then? (in speed?) Talking about speed, todays downloads from the marketplace are extremely slow today. Never been this slow (but that has probably nothing to do with my connection). =P

FS2020 is a publicly facing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model via MS-Azure, so it’s agnostic as to how you’re connecting to to it.

There is a differene between the NIC going to Public and a Private network, as the Windows Firewall will block and/or inhibit certain apps and ports from a public facing network.

Windows does several times, goes from Private to Public, when the Network Location Awarness " service, starts to quick before it establishd the actual NIC, it then goes public. I’ve set mine to Delayed Start which resolved the issue. There is also a reg hack to force it to Private as well, just Google the issue, there is plenty of reslutions for this.

I come across this often as I’m a 3rd Line Support Engineer, and see Domain NIC’s goes public, then users cannot access certain apps, becuse the Windows Firewall has blocked certain things when internal goes public!