Probably alot of countless thread, A32X CTD-PC

Hi all, was wondering if anybody else is still encountering a CTD when flying the A32NX FBW. For me it happens at random times. During the cold and dark startup phase of the airplane, sometimes upon takeoff, en route, and even approach. It will pause and stutter, unfreeze and then just quit. Anybody else?

Running on steam, only add on in my community folder are the A32NX, Navi graph data, PMDG DC-6, and a couple of custom scenery airports. Yes I have tried removing everything else from the community folder and retested, same results unfortunately.

Not for me. Since the hotfixes to SU5, I have been fine. I am also running the latest dev version and not what was in the MS Store. I would recommend using the FlyByWire installer and making sure that you have the latest Dev version. v0.7.0 from 9.18.21.

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Hello @MrAnnihilat0r.

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