Probably dumb sound question

So i noticed when id switch to vr id get no sound comung from rift s headset speakers i thought maybe i need to switch the output in windows manually. Well this worked for sound during the menus but once i go to fly, all sound drops out. So ive been flying with my desk speakers going, but it would be better if i could get the headset speakers going. I could use my headphones, but i want to still be able to hear if needed in my house. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Check the sound settings → sound control panel
Windows has two elements of default sound.

  1. General sound
  2. Communications sound

If I change the sound to one soundcard, it sometimes leaves communications (green telephone handset symbol) on the other one — this makes the sim come out of the monitor, and the ATC out of the headset.

It was a sound question after all! :slight_smile:


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