Problem autopilot A320nx Flybywire Honeycomb throttle Bravo

I have set up the Honeycomb trhotle quadrant autopilot by following the steps in a YouTube video posted on this forum and the rotary and selector on both sides works, but the buttons, although lit, do not work on the A320nx Flybywire, when pressing the autopilot , the button does not light up but it does activate the autopilot, but it does not follow the course of the flight plan …
Can anyone tell me the configuration assignments for the HDG NAV APR REV ALT VS IAS buttons?
The ALT, HDG and VS work, the NAV button does not work, I can activate it with the mouse but with the honeycomb, pressing NAV does not activate. In my configuration I have assigned as button 2 … Autopilot NAV 1 Hold. Is this correct? Thanks
Thanks… Fonchy