Problem launching MSFS - DVD Version

Brief description of the issue:
i want to laucnh MFS but it doesn’t do anyting.
everything is up to date but still nothing.
I flew yesterday in the morning but in the evening nothing workd

Can some one help me plz

Same issue with Steam. Day before the last update everything working well, switch on my pc next day to get the update and couldn’t launch the Sim. After the whole day trying decided to unistall and start fresh. Not able to install the simulator anymore. CTD when launching the installation on steam and back to desktop. Shame

Hi @lebelgepatte,
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I’ve moved your topic into “Performance & Graphics” as this area is for installation, download and CTD issues.

thx you, i hope some can help me

Yesterday there were some server outages. Sometimes when this happens, it may change the data settings in MSFS. Go into the options and assure that it’s not set to “off-line”.

the problem is that i can’t start anything. when i click on the launcher nothings happend

Do you have the MS Store version or Steam?

CD version

OK. I do not have this version nor I am too familiar with it. So hopefully someone that does have it, can assist you. I’m going to modify your topic title to reflect it’s the DVD version.

If it’s the same setup as how the MS Store version is, you can probably “reset” it or “repair” with Windows 10 Apps - BUT, wait to do this until someone else can assist you who has the DVD version.

already done but nothing,
now reinstalling everything lets try

Make sure that all updates in MS Store are current. Even though you have the DVD version, there are some apps related to gaming that are required that come from the MS Store. Same with Windows 10 updates.

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