Problem on reinstalling

I had some windows 10 problems and by consequence I uninstalled MSFS and reinstalled W10.
When I try now to reinstall MSFS I get many problems and after 3 days trying and applying all the fixes I can find I am unable to install it.
I use MSStore version. It is in my library. I select MicrosoftFlight Simulator Premium DeLuxe edition to install from Xbox. I see 1.2 GB to download but it gives error with code 0x803fb107 saying “One or more items in this bundle did not install yet. We will keep trying. You can also try installing them from Downloads and updates”.
I had reset windows store, run the powershell commands, I created a new windows user and tried to install MSFS from here, but nothing works. I´m lost!!
Can anyone please guide me to get a successfull MSFS installation?


Hi @ega1018,
Only download the “Standard” edition; even though you own the higher editions. The Standard needs to be downloaded first. :wink:

While in the MS Store, and in your library, are there updates showing at the top right of the screen?
If so, ensure you install those.

Thanks guys for caring to answer. No, I don´t have any updates to download, and yes, I get error 0x80070424 downloading the basic (standard) edition and the associated Digital Ownership.
I am stuck and run out of ideas!

Here is a link to the issue that may be some help:

Thanks for the tip. I performed the Windows update troubleshooter and restarted the update services.
Nothing has changed unfortunately!

hi! i had an problem with installing MSFS2020, the programm crashes after 2-3 gb downloads (win11 XBOX game center)

Did you go through the rest of the article, after the troubleshooter part?

Yes, I did. I am stuck and out of ideas. What a mess!

Do you have any antivirus programs installed?
Have you checked to ensure window’s firewall is letting you through?