Problem reading collective variable perc

Hello. I’ve problem reading the ROTOR COLLECTIVE BLADE PITCH PCT variable through simconnect.
In C# I’m using a Double variable reading it as Float 64.
I got bizzarres values (exponential between 10^178 and 10^182).
Should I use some other type? anyone succeeded in reading this variable?

As seen in SimvarWatcher sample, they use double :

     public double dValue

// .../...

     double dValue = 0.0;
     if (double.TryParse(m_sSetValue, NumberStyles.Any, null, out dValue))
// if not string ...

             double dValue = (double)data.dwData[0];     //  double / Dword data
             oSimvarRequest.dValue = dValue;
             oSimvarRequest.sValue = dValue.ToString("F9");