Problem "the yellow button "start the flight"" is missing

Hello everyone!
since the last Update, when I am on the page of creation of a flight, after choosing the aircraft, I choose the departure airport for a local flight, the yellow button “start the flight” does not appear. The flight does not start. I tried several times, always the same problem.
I am on PC, MS Store version.
Thank you for giving me a solution.

`Bonjour à tous!
depuis la dernière MàJ, quand je suis sur la page de création d’un vol, après avoir choisis l’appareil , je choisis l’aéroport de départ pour un vol local, le bouton jaune "démarrer le vol " n’apparait pas. Le vol ne se lance pas. J’ai essayé plusieurs fois, toujours le même problème.
Je suis sur PC , version MS Store.
Merci de bien vouloir me donner une solution.


pls screenshot with all set can be helpful.

Update: now I see your post again and think about your steps. I see maybe one point you can do for sure - set on your airport also runway for departure or parking stand, click on it and set departure.

Thank you OMICO4146!
After choosing the airport on the world map, LFKB, I get stuck on the site. here are the 3 screenshots.

Merci OMICO4146!
Après avoir choisi l’aéroport sur la carte du monde, LFKB , je reste bloqué sur le site . voici les 3 copies d’écran.


here is a complementary photo

@ Acupulata


very sry to say that your screenshots shows very strange sim situation, no aircraft selected, no dep/arr airports options. What aircraft you’ve selected? Look to my screenshot as same selection on my side:

Really now I’m probably sure you have corrupted instalation but wait maybe for other users opinion/tip. What I remember some users have problems with local language problems as sim instalation, as I see with your language inside sim. Really hard to recommend something but try answer with your steps you did, what aircarft also set but your and my screenshots looks very different, correct? What HW PC you have? Yes, I see your message about - from last Update… so expect all was ok previously? If you click on your upper right account icon, what version of sim you have there?

Thank you for your answer! Indeed I believe that my installation got corrupted following an update of Windows 10. my version is 1.21 (7th update). I am trying to uninstall everything and restart the installation. I’ll keep you posted.

Hello Omico4146
It is the installation which was not correct. I started the installation again and everything is working perfectly.
thank you for your advice
Have a good happy new year with good flights with MSFS