Problem to install liveries

I have problems with installation of liveries for 2020 . Which in my case is installed on drive C. According to instructions on various forums on the internet, liveries should be in C / user / Appdata / Local / Packages / Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe / LocalCache / Package / Community.
I do not have the folder package in Local Cache.
The Community folder is located on my computer at C: user / my name / AppData / Local / MSFSPackages.
When I put my downloaded livery files there, they are not visible when I start the simulator and have to choose aircraft and livery.
Could this have something to do with the fact that I received an error message in connection with the installation of 2020 (box version with ten DVD; discs):
CRC ERROR: The file
C / User / kjell / Appdata / Lokal / MSFSPackages / Official / One Store / fs-baseTexture / rumway12_detail.tif does not match the file in the setups .cab file. The medium from which you are running the setup may be corrupted. contact your software wendor.
I ignored this message and allowed the installation to continue. After the installation of ten DVDs, 2020 continued to install another 75 GB of data from the Internet.
Some solution on how I can install liveries. Grateful for help.

did u unzip them?

Yes to texture.

I have the same problem. I unzip them to the community folder and they just don’t show up. I tries through the hanger page the profile and everything but no luck at all. I installed the sim to a custom location so no idea if that might be the issue.

I would try the following video, Squirrel is excellent and very thorough and has a custom setup so should cover all bases. I would be supprised if you can’t get this package installed after watching this video.

Works fine now thanks. Just needed the correct location!!

There are 325 free liveries here: