Problem with adding the EFB to the FBW A320

I have the latest FBW A320 installer, I use the Development version, and the installer is telling me that the A320 is up todate. When I open MSFS with the A320 with a flight plan loaded, the EFB is not V2. Not sure what I need to do to correct?

Hmmm then FBW mod is not loading correctly. Go into community folder and 100% verify you don’t have an older version of the mod in your folder.

I think that I might have the wrong A320. I downloaded the A32NX ( Flybywire Simulations) offered by MSFS awhile ago thinking it is the same aircraft. I guess it is not?!!

Make sure you are selecting FlyByWire A320 - it’s a separate Aircraft and NOT the default A320. There are now two different A320s - one default, one FBW.

The FBW A32NX available through the Marketplace is not updateable by the FBW Updater.

If you got the FBW through the marketplace it’s not the new beta. Delete the one from the marketplace and use the FBW installer instead.

OK!! I will delete the marketplace A320 and use the FWB installer.

Need some help with this - I deleted the A320nx neo from my community folder, all I have left is a bunch of Asobo liveries. I opened MSFS and still have the 3 airliners - Airbus A320 NEO, 747-8 and FBW simulations A320neo (LEAP). How do I delete the marketplace A320? and establish a base FBW A320?

I just found out how to delete the A320 from the marketplace, I will now run the installer.!!

Got It!! Asobo should not have offered the FBW A320 thru the marketplace if it wasn’t updateable with the installer. Thanks for your help!!

They’re two different formats though. The one from the marketplace is DRM encrypted to be used by your account and goes into your official folder. The one from the FBW installer is not encrypted that goes into your community folder.

The reason it was included in the marketplace was to have people fly it by downloading from the marketplace. There are a lot of people who don’t like using an external installer to download addons. They prefer to be using the built in marketplace and content manager.

It’s just using one or the other, if you’re using the marketplace version. Then you’ll always be on the stable version of the FBW mod, if you want the development version, you have to remove the marketplace version using the content manager and install it from the FBW installer.

It’s impossible to have the marketplace version to be updatable with the FBW installer because the installer doesn’t have the DRM encryption algorithm needed for the marketplace version. And they can’t remove it from the marketplace, because that would isolate the other people who are not using the FBW installer from using the aircraft.

Thank you for the explanation!! I did not know what the difference was between the two formats! Thanks again.