Problem with blender bones animation into MSFS


has anyone successfully exported a bone animated character from Blender into MSFS? I have a model in blender which is animated and named correctly and looks very good. But after exporting to MSFS the model is visually unrecognisable in the sim. I can successfully export simple animations all day long but a model animated with a bones armature is doing my head in.

I’ve tried numerous different ways of doing it including baking the model animation but the end result is always a weird distorted character animation in the sim. Are there any proven tutorials for this?

There are a few threads about this on fsdeveloper so probably best to search there. The in sim distortion seems to be a common outcome.

I imported someone else’s flags that I think are bone animated which worked fine, but I’ve no idea what’s different about them.

Animation in general definitely needs some major tutorial action. It’s a dark art at present.

Thank you Ive just seen them so I’ll continue the discussion over there. Should a solution pop up I’ll repost it here.


It looks like the problem has been solved for Blender users :slight_smile: Blender - Quest for Animated People - distorted animation in MSFS | Page 3 | FSDeveloper