Problem with joystick

Hello all,

i am new to the sim world and i just installed this game. and i found my joystick not working well. When i am on the ground, taxiing or want to take off, i can not steer the plane to the left or right. and the reverse axis box must be on otherwise it will go in opposite direction.

can someone help me with making the correct settings for my joystick. thrustmaster basic joystick.

Just use the Axes. Don’t assign anything to (Pitch *) or (Roll *) because that functions more like a trim where the elevator and ailerons won’t return to center. Same with rudder, just use axis.

When you’re on the ground you want to use the rudder to turn left and right.

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Also, having to have the reverse axis box checked is quite common, it is just due to the way the sim is programmed.
If yours works correctly checked, leave it on.

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Thank you guys. Your advice helped ! :blush: