Problem with Legacy Cockpit Interaction

I recently discovered the legacy interaction mode and much prefer it. However, I ran into an issue. I can’t seem to adjust something easily while not looking at it. Specifically, vertical speed mode for the SR22 auto pilot. The setting is a wheel on the center console and the value is displayed in the PFD. Is there a trick to this?

I like to keep the tool tips off, but I do have the names on if I’m not as familiar with an airplane since VR is hard to see for little details. However, this leaves me in some airplanes not having any way to see trim settings and in this case VS.

Gave a look through the beta test forum area, I believe it’s been noted and discussed.


Thanks, at least I’m not the only one. If I had full display on it may not be so bad but that gets to be annoying in VR.

A display mode that just shows you the value you changed to on any control would be a great solution.

Now, is there a way to get rid of that thing that looks like a CBS logo?

Legacy mode was intended for the purpose of bringing addons from previous generation sims into MSFS.
It does not work properly with, and isn’t intended to be used with, anything created for MSFS.

In General Options, go to “Accessibility”, select “Instrument Name Tool Tips” to “Instant”.
That will display the value, but it also displays the instrument name.

No, if by the CBS logo you mean that spinning wheel bottom right, it has been mentioned many times, but no fix yet.

So often on approach, I do something quick and then that eye icon is bouncing around in my face. It’s super annoying!

Many people seem to like the legacy mode, I do as well after some use. But not being able to adjust something without looking at it is a problem. I suppose I could bind VS buttons.

I may be thinking the wrong Legacy.
Are you referring to the Lock and Legacy setting, or the Modern and Legacy heading?
I was assuming the Modern Legacy one.

If the Lock and Legacy, yes a lot of folks do like it.
There are some instances I’ve seen where some aircraft will not work with it though.
Binding buttons may indeed be the answer.

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The Lock and Legacy interaction setting for the mouse. What is the Modern and Legacy heading?

Yes, good you corrected that.

1st there was what they now call Legacy, then with the Introduction of VR, they introduced a new LOCK mode, and then UNFORTUNATELY called the old mode legacy, (which causes confusion between the flight Model modes, Legacy & Modern)

Many , not using VR, are not going to like the new, VR LOCK mode, as it light up what you are selecting with an IMMERSION BUSTING blue glow !!!

The biggest issue I see with the more realistic Legacy mode, is that selecting the item to control, is not always easy, due to the 3D nature of the cockpit, and the choice of the defined areas on/around the knob/switch to be operated, that often does not seem to fit well onto that control.

If there was a way to temporarily highlight that selection area, (say a DEV MODE option) it would make it a lot clearer where it was, and indicate if it needs tweaking in it shape, that would make it far easier to use.


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I only fly VR, so I should probably go back to Lock.

I’m mostly wanting to cut down on the huge menus that come up. But some buttons/controls really need some minimal info. So there is no good solution. Some menus cover the thing you are setting too, thus blocking what you need to see. For instance, in some airplanes setting the barometer covers the barometer setting on the altimeter.

I keep thinking a good solution would be a hand on mouse detection. Because what bothers me most is when the cursor is left somewhere is the open menu and eye. It does time out at least.

I think there could also be a hybrid, keep left button to lock and right button for clicks, while using legacy styles. Then if locked, also show additional data. One is quick, the other is more focused.

The “should be” lots of things, and everyone has different idea of what “should be”.

But “what is” is the result of the Asobo game “Designer”, who is paid the Big Bucks to make an educated & professional decision about what “could be” and what “actually is”.

We may not always agree with their decisions, but they are what they are.

If you really want to change things, go get a job at Asobo as a “Games Designer”, and see how much choice you end up deciding what you want, as opposed to what MS want.

So, in seconds thought, go get a Job at MS as the MSFS project manager, a job I would only wish on my worst enemy !!

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I’m a software architect, so I definitely get it. Part of the job is to look at the big picture. The number #1 item on that big picture is to get the most amount of sales as possible, including the market place. If 90% of sales come from casual users with mostly all assisted features, that’s where focus will be.

I’m sure they have some interesting data collection going on on what people are doing.

I wouldn’t mind the new Lock interaction mode if it had a way to turn off the annoying blue and yellow highlighting, or, at least being able to tone it down by like 90%.

OMG, they have so many fun jobs listed there. Always a good clue for projects coming down the pipeline.

I sometimes eye SpaceX jobs too. If I were younger and could take the pay cut and risk I’d probably jump on it.

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