Problem with LOD

I build some sceneries for MSFS, a lot of these sceneries are OK but for some one, problem is that objects appear only when we fly over it. All objects are from Blender with material MSFS standard. Thanks for help. Have a nice day.

Does your scenery object have multiple LODS?
How big are the objects that keep disappearing from distance?
If you have only the One lod, maybe It Is either too small or a bit too detailed (lot of polys/vertex/materials/texture etc)

You can enable a lot of option in debug mode to make you aware what Is going on

The all above requires some more work but you obtain an optimized and professional work


You can slam a giant 50x50 Meter cube/plane below your geometry with msfs material invisible, this Will force the engine to believe Is dealing with a giant object and draw your object on the scene well before It Is really visible. If you do so on a non optimized objects, strutters can occur

Thanks, my sceneries have few very simple objects, the texture polygones are OK from far.
In one scenery, all objects appear only when we fly over, objects are still simple but very big : more than 150 meters hight. In another one, big object is OK but small one no.

If I understand correctly, your objects only appear when you are close, in this case you would need to add the correct LOD entries in your objects .xml file. Refer to the SDK. Also, the correct way would be to create a few (from what I remember atleast 4) of the same object each one with lesser details and textures. Ref SDK.

Thanks i will try that but i wonder why some sceneries are ok without LOD and other not. I wish sceneries as light as possible, LOD made it bigger.

LODs may make sceneries bigger but if dome properly, they take less memory, CPU and GPU processing power.
There are default LOD settings. So if you have only 1 LOD it will be visible when it’s bigger than 5% of screen height IIRC.

Thanks, it works fine in SDK, not when in community, really boring. Sometime, i have same problem with exclusion polygones OK in SDK, not in community.

Exclusion polygons always work as intended. However, you have to undestand that they rely on the load order of the packages.
The problem here is that the order of the packages is listed in the Content.xml file, and this file is not properly updated. I guess the SU6 will fix that.
The best thing to do, for your exclusion rectangles to work properly, is to delete the Content.xml file at sim launch (not everytime you launch the sim, just the first time you added your package).
Also, consider that, to remove handcrafted MS/Asobo model, you need exclusion rectangles, not exclusion polygons.
The fact that exclusion rectangles rely on the load order defined in the Content.xml file explain that, when you add an exclusion rectangle in the SDK, the result is not displayed dynamically. Again, i hope it will be fixed in the next SDK update.
What is weird, is that exclusion polygons don’t behave the same. Their effect is displayed dynamically in the SDK, and they do not impact handcrafted models visibility.

Big thanks thalixte, now i have to understand why LOD is KO for some objects, some other objects in my scenery are OK : visible when we fly to, no need fly over.