Problem with suddenly changing views, maps, parking brake and more


I’m a new simmer to Flightsimulator and has run in to a few problem.

when I fly the view keeps changing from cockpit view to external and sometimes the map popping up. My first thought was of course that I happen to access a button or control. But I’v checked several times så I don’t have any “unknown” mapped buttons or keys on any keyboard, joystick or Throttle. I can happen even when I’m not touching any input device. Same with the parking brake, It keeps getting changed to on when I’m taxing.

Anyone any idea?

The first recommendation is to do what you’ve already done, check for duplicate control assignments and key binds. If nothing there, do you have anything running in the background that could interfere? I’ll assume, since your a new simmer, you have nothing in the community folder; but if you do, remove them.

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I think the best practice here is to clear every hardware bindings that you have connected to the PC. For me, I have a blank Keyboard Profile, with only ESC button bound to the pause menu command. Then for my hardware, I actually manually assign each function from a blank profile. That way, I know exactly what each buttons and axis do, so I don’t get any conflicting inputs.

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