Problem with taking off

Im using a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick and have never had any problems with it .Now suddenly if im taking off in a Cessna Skyhawk the plane wont lift off the ground . Ive checked payload , passengers and fuel amounts and re- calibrated my joystick numerous times , just no luck . I cannot figure out what the problem is . I can barely get off the ground with 10% flaps and if i retract the flaps the plane just sinks .


Switch to the correct, MODERN flight model.

Options > flight model > modern.

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Cool .Thank you . I`ll try that .

OK .It worked . Thank you . I dont remember changing it before .


It’s strange. Some have said they had preferred the Legacy flight model, so was deliberately set, others have said they didn’t know it was even an option, so I guess in some circumstances this is getting reset, perhaps by a patch?

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