Problem with Track IR

After, I have problem with Track IR: don´t move the view when you move the head. It happen in A320 Neo.

I go out of MSFS and then enter again, and the problem of Track IR is solved.

Use the search please. They broke it and even had the guts to add it to their known issues.

Unfortunately this is not limited to the A320.
But the good news is that you can enable/disable TrackIr under the camera settings in the floating toolbar.
No idea why they added this because before I simply pressed the F9 key to toggle on/off and it worked at anytime.

They broke TrackIR in the update. They knew they broke it during the Beta and pushed it out broken anyways. If TrackIR loses sight of a LED (like you look away for a second, take a drink of your coffee, sneeze, etc.) then it turns off. If you pause trackIR, then it moves view back to center and turns off. You can use the Camera tab in the toolbar to turn it back on each time or even assign a option to turn it back on, but that doesn’t stop it from turning off again and again. And it doesn’t fix the issue of you no longer being able to pause to look at/adjust an instrument.

There’s a bug thread at Track IR Stops Working PLEASE VOTE to have this fixed. The thought of flying without TrackIR is a real bummer and my flight simming has currently been put on hold. That includes any spending.

After Dev Update 2022 of today, TrackIr now is working again as it should. :+1: