Problems after SU6

  1. 787 keep turning around after Autopilot was activated.
  2. DA 40 very difficult to turn during taxi.
  3. SR 22 not enough power to climb
  4. H 145 always shaking (third party)
    Those are the planes I’m usually flying and as a result I can’t play this game anymore at this moment until the bugs were fixed if they could.

Every update created more bugs as usual and what’s the use for the beautiful sceneries if you can’t fly the planes.

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I’ve had CTD’s with the PMDG DC-6. However I have not tried it yet as the only installed community add-on and both times I tried and both times it crashed it was the second flight I loaded and the second aircraft I loaded.

But id like to hear if anyone else is having DC-6 issues post SU6?

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