Problems after uninstalling MSFS and reinstalling it again

It happens that I have uninstalled MSFS after having installed it for the first time on my pc. The problem is that, at the next day, I’ve installed it again, but at the time of starting the simulator and enter the aircraft selector menu, strangely the only airplanes that I’m able to choose are the Cessna 152 and TBM 930. It’s weird that in the first installation I had available all the planes that correspond to the standard version, but now I only have the ones I’ve mentioned. I have the subscription via Xbox PC gamepass.
How can i solve this problem?

Actually I did the same as you did, uninstalled and reinstalled, due to the latest Windows Insider Build 20226 messed up my apps and was forced to go back to Windows Build 20221.

Much was missing in MSFS because, for me, I had to re-download a lot that, apparently did not become bundled with the sim package like planes and activities.

It does take a while as the “Content Manager” can be tedious to deal with but I eventually did get everything installed.

Actually i uninstalled it and reinstall again to see whats going to happen now… but not sure about results… hope it works…

Even though… i don’t know why at the first time i had to install a little bit more than 110 Gb, but this time i have to install 95.79 Gb

Known Issues link top of the forum.

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Thanks!! I didn’t realized… I’m going to try :wink:

Here is the solution!!!

Check this link: - Known Issues - (Last modified: Feb. 16, 2021)

@Blitzer303 Thank you !!! :sunglasses:

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So I just read this known issues for the first time in a awhile and I can’t believe they are saying one of the proposed solutions is to reinstall windows. That’s nuts.

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