Problems creating scenery since last update

Hi everyone. I’ve been having fun creating some amazing cities and scenery pieces with the Google Earth decoder and importing them into the sim. Since this weeks update I can’t seem to get my scenery to appear in the sim anymore when loading it in with the SDK. All I get is ‘unknown’ appearing in the scenery editor.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Seems quite odd.


Does Google Earth decoder still work? I tried to tidy up my local airfield yesterday and Flyingthestons tutorial longer works for me.
I get a mass of error messages when I try to build the package in dev mode.


If no Scenery loads or it loads as “UNKNOWN” = go back and redownload but:
A) increase LOD range from 17-19 to 16-19
B) If that doesn’t work try taking a Larger Piece of land
C) If neither work, then do both and that should work

I’ve found that 95% of time my issue is A); 4% of the time my issue is B); 1% of the time I have to do C)

BUT, the good news is that, I’ve always been able to overcome the issue and get the data. I’ve downloaded ~100 so far! :grinning:

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The best solution to this problem is to use Thalixte’s blender optimisation tool available over in You get far better optimised scenery at the end of the day too.

Good to know, in case I ever start using blender. As of right now, I just bring it over directly from GED, and then delete all the extra unwanted scenery objects right within Flight Simulator. Fast, easy, and small file sizes.