Problems Saving and Loading a flight

IT IS STILL THERE! After loading a saved flight you cannot obtain the main toolbar at the top of the screen that contains all the main small white icons like map and fuel etc

I hope this is a known bug in the game and can be fixed ASAP - as you are very much limited in what you can do after loading a saved flight as you don’t have the main toolbar at the top

The toolbar is only there after starting a new flight - I don’t know if anyone has this problem as well, and when we might get a fix - or if there is a workaround at the moment to solve this problem - as you cannot play the game from a saved flight to its full potential

My device is an Xbox series S and X

Many thanks for your help

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The SDK category is for questions about the Software Development Kit.

Yes, I was hoping too this would be solved in SU11, but IT IS NOT. It does really surprise me how such a basic/important feature is not working properly so long after release. No workaround on XBOX as far as I know

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