Problems with downloading the update - Download of a file always starts again

My problem is that I cannot load the current update

An attempt is always made to load a file “pc-fs-base-bigfiles-0.1.128”.
Here I come to around 30%.

Then the download stops and starts again.

Does anyone have this problem too, and know how to solve it?

Many Thanks !

@HatlessSpore744, I have moved your topic into #bugs-and-issues:performance as this area is for seeking help and bug issues.

What you are experiencing has been brought up many times. See if this topic in the FAQ helps:
Download stuck on packages / Install loop & Decompressing issues – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

Or a search on the forum in #bugs-and-issues categories:
Search results for ‘looping category:200’ - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

With the help of the netlimiter and switching off the auto-tuning option, the download could now take place.

But it is strange that previous updates always worked and you suddenly have to resort to such tricks.

“Strange” is as good a description as any. This isn’t a new problem by any means, and has been going on for some folks every update.

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