Problems with new Asobo Blender Exporter (not rendering my building, and only xml file generated ( no bin or gltf file)

I just started using the Asobo blender exporter ( was using the older blender2msfs), and now my building is not exporting into MFS with my edits.

Weirdly, in blender, my building looks normal but in MFS, one of the objects in my building is inverted, and one of the windows are extra dark!

Then on top of that, i pressed some button in the exporter ( i think reload LOD;s) and now instead of the xml,bin and gltf files being created, the exporter is only creating one xml file. (no bin or gltf file).

Any tips on how to fix this ? (specially tips on using the exporter to generate the xml/bin/gltf file)

Check the scale of all the objects, some may have a negative scale. I think this should also give a warning / error when you compile it in devmode. For the dark window, check if it has the correct pbr texture, specifically for the ambient occlusion.