Problems with performance only in Nice (FR) after update. I am not an expert, can anybody help me?


I don’t understand much of IT technicalities so bear with me. I have never had a problem with MFS performance and very good quality in terms of landscapes etc. Never experience stutters or crashes.

After the latest update I tried flying from Nice and noticed a lot of stutters when using the external view, specifically the quick left/right view. Moving between these external views has always been very smooth to me.

Thinking about a problem with live weather or other settings, I have tried to decrease the quality and chose Clear Sky. Same issue.

Everything is updated (Windows, Nvidia, etc.) and same issue after restarting the game.

It did not even cross my mind that the issue might have been the airport, but I changed departure airports (2,3 in different locations) and the game was perfect as usual, I could change external views with no stutters at all. Taking off, landing, perfect.

Then I tried to fly from a small airport in France to NICE, flight smooth until approach and exactly on landing and then on the runway, the stuttering re-appeared again!!! Even after parking the airplane I had issues moving between left/right/back external views!

So I have reached the conclusion that there is something wrong at Nice Airport that my cpu/pc/gpu (I don’t know!) does not like. Is this somehow related to the latest France update? Could it be specific to Nice Aiport, but most important: is there a way I can fix it?

I really hope someone will be able to help me as I used to fly a lot around Nice (for your information: I never had problems of performance/stutters around bigger airports…)


what did you figure out?