Problems with xbox serie x and fs 2020

Even after the installed updates (XBOX SERIES X) when I load a saved flight, the toolbar disappears during the flight, therefore it is no longer possible to communicate with the ATC, the programmed route is canceled, I don’t understand why some defects they remained as they were on the first day!!! Do any of you using the simulator on XBOX have the same problems?

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There is a long on-going issue with what you are posting about. See this topic (also relates to Xbox consoles):

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Thank you , I have now read the posts you forwarded to me,but the problem has never been resolved. Incredible !!

Do you have 3rd party content installed from the marketplace? If yes, start by uninstalling them, reboot, and try again.

I have been on Xbox X since last May, and I have often found that when strange behaviour starts for no reason it is because of some data corruption (I don’t have any 3rd party add ons). I now use a series of steps to get rid of these issues:

  1. The first easy step is to sign out of MSFS, reboot, and sign back in.
  2. If the above doesn’t work, then I delete my saved user data:
    Sign out of MSFS
    On Xbox, select MSFS and press the Menu button on the controller
    click on Manage game and addons…
    click on Saved Data…
    click on Your User Profile…
    “Delete Everywhere”
    NOTE: this deletes your MSFS history, your flight log, your preferences, everything, so the next time you start MSFS it’s as if it’s the first time.
    Reboot Xbox, open MSFS, and try again
  3. If the above doesn’t work, I do all of the above then uninstall MSFS
    Sign out of MSFS
    Xbox > MSFS > Manage > Saved Data > User > Delete Everywhere
    Xbox > MSFS > Manage > MSFS > uninstall MSFS completely
    Reboot Xbox, re-install MSFS

Since I only use my Xbox for MSFS, if I have to do step 3, I tend to also reset my Xbox itself to factory settings, that way everything is as if it’s new. That might seem extreme, but by doing it that way I can tell if a bug is more likely to be in the code (thus affecting others, and worth reporting), or just in my system somewhere.

MS / Asobo tend to say uninstalling MSFS is not necessary, but, I have found it necessary for myself. And whenever some bugs appear that others are not experiencing, and I do the above, some bugs do go away. Unfortunately, it is trial and error - If the bug goes away after any of those steps, it’s a cache or data corruption bug. But you do lose your previous settings and flight log.

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