[Product Announcement] Miltech Simulations Supercarrier Pro for MSFS

It keeps on telling me that XBox Supercarrier Pro purchase failed. What am I doing wrong?

This is unfortunately a MS Marketplace issue and we can’t really help with that. I strongly recommend you contact Microsoft support directly: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Ps: this is NOT a support forum, we are not allowed to offer support on this thread as per the forum rules. For product support contact us here: Contact

No news for v.1.1.0 ? thx

Still WIP. Part of the team is on holidays break

seriously, it’s not very good to announce a date without respecting it

It’s only been a week since Christmas. Furthermore, the term “expect” means it never was a firm release date to begin with.

Indeed by “Expect” we never mean a definite release date, but rather an internal deadline we (perhaps naively) set for ourselves.

Things in Software never go according to plan, and very often tend to take twice as much time. With an unexpected Osprey update releasing tomorrow, most of the team just returning from the holidays break, End of Year company documents, and many interesting and exciting stuff happening internally - it is a busy time for us. We continue working hard towards V1.1.0, and will be released as soon as it is all completed, stable and thoroughly tested :slight_smile:

We’ve learned the lesson and for this reason we are no longer announcing ETAs going forward.


Tough crowd. You don’t even get the benefit of a little leeway over the holidays!


As an experienced IT Project Manager, I know to double or triple initial software estimates and still keep a reserve. Love your products.


Two important rules from a retired project manager for embedded aircraft software systems:

  1. Adding manpower to a late project makes it later.
  2. Gras does not accelerate growing if you pull on it.
    Take the time you need, that prevents from hotfixes.
    Looking forward to the update.

Just started tinkering with this and I know it will capture a GF Wildcat, the steam catapult pretty much wrecks that old jug but it has it’s own launch that works fine(need to explore this more). Need to put some wires on the WWII Lexington carriers! Haven’t hardly spent any time but landing the Wildcat(it’s my current workhorse to learn so spending a few dozen hours with it). But it’s ■■■■ fun. Didn’t notice any load time difference whether spawning from the carrier or just taking off from somewhere like Key West where one is 5 minutes away and visible on start.

You’re not the only one

Any time I use the t-45 or F-35 it spawns standing on the tail and constantly crashes into the deck on moving carriers only the F-18 works any reason for this ?

Hello all,

I downloaded Supercarrier Pro and, while it works after I installed it, as soon as I quit FS and go back in, FS takes 5 minutes to load after the blue progress bar reaches the right side of the screen. Is this expected?




We recently found a solution for the issue, update will be rolling out shortly. Can’t give an ETA just yet as this is a major update and a few details are still being worked out.

days, weeks, months? thx

You’re directly responsible for making them reluctant to be specific about timescales.

No doubt if they said ‘days’ you’d be complaining if it took more than seven.

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no precison ! only little mark

days, weeks, or months ?

days is better, weeks or months … no problem

And what?

When it’s ready.
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