[Progress Update] NZCH - Christchurch, New Zealand | NZA Simulations

NZA Simulations are wrapped to announce development has started on NZCH Christchurch New Zealand, a new payware release.

A lot more to come as the 3d work program ramps up.

Exciting times. Here’s a teaser.


Our first follow-up to our initial NZCH - Christchurch teaser. With a number of assets near complete, we’re able to share a working technical preview and WIP in-game screenshots.


You all do amazing work! I thoroughly enjoy your addons!

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This looks great!! Any ETA?


NZA Simulations has been working on interactive features for NZCH - Christchurch. Here is a development preview of our in-house Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS). More advanced NZA scenery features coming to you shortly!

PS. “Stop” is floating for testing purposes, it will be where the clock is.


Your stuff is amazing. Got it all bar two!

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NZA Simulations has been relentlessly implementing clutter, airside and interior details to bring NZCH - Christchurch International Airport up and above the NZA Proline™ standard.
Coming soon, MSFS2020’s premier Christchurch add-on.


Oh this looks great!

and that’s why i chuckle when people say orbx and flightbeam make top tier products… not even close to this!

There’s room in the “top tier” for more than one developer, yanno.

I’m a fan of these. I have the Hobart one and it’s really exceptional stuff. Pricey but I think it’s reflected in the quality.

And there’s definitely room for more developers in these mythical ‘top tiers’ haha.

hello! has this been released yet or still in dev?

Those two may not always have the best of the best quality out there but at least they’re pushing out product. There are so many major airports that need some love.

NZA Simulations have been working around the clock to get NZCH - Christchurch into the closed alpha and beta test stages. While we continue the titanic task of detailing the outer areas and some 300 buildings to NZA standards, here are some shots of our work so far for you to enjoy.


Wow, looking great. NZ will have what I would consider the best major country airports. Flightbeam Auckland/Wellington and NZA Christchurch/Queenstown.

I look at Australia and the main airports have average airport scenery add ons - Perth, Brisbane and Sydney (old). I wish the same kind of love was shown for Australia’s main airports than what NZ is getting for it’s major airports.

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Any Updates on this Project?

Yes, We have progressed a lot more however we are stuck with some issues introduced in SU9 which is playing havoc with one of the new tools in the SDK. The latest patch was suppose to fix it but unfortunately made it worse. We have fed this back to Asobo and I think they have it all solved by SU10.

On a positive note, This will be one of the most comprehensive airport sceneries to date. All region and buildings are detailed and staged. We have developed some proprietary technology and methods which allow us to take full advantage of the power of the MSFS engine by keeping full PBR and resolution quality on all assets as well as having outstanding performance. Using NZA developed technology we also now have a full runway, apron and surrounding roads which are properly textured with full PBR texturing. When I mean full, there is not one bit of the runway/apron area that is not unique. The experience is a new level, especially when the sun gets a bit lower in the sky or the lights are reflecting off the apron at night.


Pics look amazing cant wait

hopefully all of this with the Mt. Cook area too? Can’t wait to fly from Chch to Cook

Yes but Mt Cook is a different beast, 500km2 of landscape area covered.
Thread with screens here. And I’ll have the trailer out on the 25th. Wrote some music for it too this time.