Project: Rock Islands, Sunken Boats, Huts, PG Trees, Airports

New project along my “4 season pack” to further enhance the world we fly in.

Requires “4 season pack” to be installed.

This project is all about enhancing:

  1. Islands - Adding rock islands and enhancing the areas with custom vegetations.
  2. Replacing sunken boats with 3d boats in marinas and islands. (non animated)
  3. Adding huts in vacation spots.
  4. Removing photogrammetry trees from ships, bridges, parks or any other areas they shouldn’t be.
    (Removing all photogrammetry trees from cities is not possible)
  5. Enhancing vegetations around airports
  6. Adding missing bridges (generic models)

**To see a list completed areas visit simmarket page.

Requests for this mod is closed. No more requests will be accepted.

For bug support please contact me directly at or discord: or Discord


Honolulu, Hawaii:

Key west, Florida:

Aruba and Curaçao Islands:

Smooth on Flat screen and VR.
VR Video:

Flat screen:


Freaking awesome stuff Bijan !
What areas do you intend to cover with that ?

Instant buy for me i would say :+1:t2:

Thank you so much.
This will be a “pay per request”. You let me know the area you want enhanced and it will be added to the mod and you can download them once finished. As more requests are made, you can download the new areas for no extra charge. All updates will be free.

I will add the areas already enhanced to the list.


Awesome Bijan. Can’t wait!
And in case someone wants to locate Marinas in their favourite country, here’s a cool link:


Bijan, when you say area, do you mean one marina or all marinas in a city or all marinas in a country or marinas in the north/south/east/west of a country or what? How does that work?

That would be one marina (depending on size… Some marinas have 1000’s of boats and some only a handful. So it depends). Or it could be one rock island or small island with surrounding trees and boats.

Thank you for the marinas link. It’s very helpful.


You’re welcome! Sending you a mail with a request right now :wink:

Hi Bijan, awesome work! I’m also a big fan of your 4 seasons pack. Do you already have an ETA when you’re gonna release the first version of this pack? I will buy this one also right away :slight_smile: We will get it on SimMarket too?

Thanks for your continued hard and artistic work!

Cheers, SaltyTom

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Just wow!
Finally a good rendition of “James Bond Island” in Thailand!
I mark this thread as a “must-follow”, certanily interested in this amazing job


i wonder if for the future it is possible to do some kinde of interface with an autoupdate function so that we don’t need to check simmarket everytime…

Great work!. Are you byany cgance working together with Project Coastline?

Sounds and already looks great. Count me in!

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If there was a way to integrate SimMarket purchases even if its using a code given to validate, a launcher would be the ideal option in my view. Like what Orbx and Macco have. Given the amount of products Bijan has I think would be justified for own ecosystem and would make keeping things updated so much easier. Though I have no idea how you make such a software and may be way to complicated. I like launchers though but think it’s important to be able to download the files too incase launcher is playing up for any reason

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@SaltyTom77 Thank you so much. It will be listed on simmarket today.

@THEBUSHMAN104 Thank you. Yes, it’s Khao Ta Pu (“James Bond Island”). Although it’s not an exact replica but close. :slight_smile:

@RTK1972 You can sign up for automatic product update notification on simmarket.

@Archer374 Thank you. No. Totally separate.

@Jigsaw407 Thank you for your support.

@RadicalCavy I think there is an option. I will look into it.

I will update the original post with areas done and a list of areas requested, later on today.
Thank you all. :slight_smile:


What a great and unique model, best of luck to you!


Releasing this today just confirms my theory that Bijan is a robot. Definite buy for me.


I suppose this will clash with LVFR San Diego Int Airport since they modelled the marina next to the airport as well.

That can be removed for those who use that.

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Info on original post updated.
EDIT: All requests must be via email:

Thank you.

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I just can’t wait for it to be available on the Simmarket :clap:

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