Project: Rock Islands, Sunken Boats, Huts, PG Trees, Airports

Amazing! Going to have to have a fly around and try to find a good recommendation but will likely buy day one as love everything you do!

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Marinas for larger CA reservoirs please!!!

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Here’s a thought: how about targetting those ‘marinas’, or such, adjacent to water runways or similar such areas frequented by amphibious flying boats/seaplanes?

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Hello Just bought on simMarket first request Montauk harbor end of long island Ny.

Thank you love your work

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Thank you. Added to the list above.

Easy purchase.
I may have overstepped my bounds of requesting though since I requested the French Riviera Marinas LOL
Can we tip to have our pet projects promoted? :smiley:


Just bought it too. No brainer purchase.
Bijan is going to make us fly to places we’ve never otherwise been too🙂. And that’s great!
We need to spread the word guys - the more people who get it, the more the number of areas for everyone to enjoy, and the more money Bijan makes! Win win for everyone. Great business model Bijan, don’t know where you came up with that one from :joy:


and it’s a purchase here to support your outstanding work as much as possible :+1:

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Thank you guys for your support. Don’t forget to email me with your order # and what areas you want improved so I can add them to the list.


Hey Bijan what about a tip system for extra requests?
You could set up Paypal for it and charge a nominal fee for each extra request.
Because criteria for what constitutes a request are slightly murky perhaps an email to you with the request which you can then confirm or turn down and then when paid you can start the project?
Not sure of the demand but it might help generate extra revenue voluntarily from those who have already bought in.

Perhaps this would be useful when the project has matured some and new purchases are fewer.

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Will you need to download individual areas or do you get all implemented requests all at once?

I ask because I see “San Diego Marina by the int. airport.” on the request list. I currently own the payware for San Diego International Airport and the marina has already been created with boats and such. I would not want to have that overridden by your scenery. So could I choose not to download that one requested update?

Great work Bijan, Bought every project…even have a dedicated folder “Bijan” in my addon linker :+1:. Shame I am going on holiday tomorrow so not much flying time for 2 weeks

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I am not allowed to post a paypal link which is the same as my email.
Thank you for your support.


It will all be in one download but in your case, email me and I can take san diego off.

For me too Bijan please. I also have the LVFR San Diego Airport.

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I had to take off upcoming requests section on top to follow forum policy. But it will be on simmarket description section.

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Thanks so much for your support.

I am not sure yet what wanna suggest as want to make sure it’s something worth it not just a case of fix a boat or two in area isn’t a real issue. Can I buy it now then email you at a later date @bijanstudio with my request or is it best to do all at once?

Just bought it! Can’t wait to fly around these Bijan improved areas! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Cheers, SaltyTom