Project: Rock Islands, Sunken Boats, Huts, PG Trees, Airports

Marketplace, Xbox user here. Phi Phi was mentioned in the product detail. No big deal. You more than made up for it with the limestone rocks on Railay beach. Great job.
If you’re taking requests on bridges then Bosphorus Bridge Istanbul needs some love. Would look good at night too.

Hey Bijan,
Love these add-ons. Would love to see more boats, docks, etc added to the San Juan Islands area. If you could somehow create some Orca pods around there as well, that would be amazing. Flying in that area now is very enjoyable.
If you could extend it North into Victoria, that would also be amazing.
There is also a passenger ferry that goes between Victoria and Seattle (Victoria Clipper ) so maybe that could be slipped in… :crossed_fingers:

Here is a shot around the Detroit area, from boat deck. :wave:

Once again, great work. Your Scenery packs really enhance the experience of flying and sight seeing.


I will add that to the list. Thank you.


How does it work on Xbox Do I have to install all season packages?

Same way. Just one season must be installed only.


This thread was a hell of a ride. Thanks Bijan for another fantastic mod.

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It is really amazing, what love you put on Thai islands.
I read on Simmarket that you are working on Samui improvements as well.
What exactly is planned?
Will you also do Koh Phangan? It’s right next to Samui and just a small spot.

I have finished 3 new areas including Koh Samui in Thailand (I spend a week on that beach years ago.)

I will add them asap.


Hi Bijan, WU7 ruined your brigde in Perth. Hope it can be fixed.
Request- can you fix/touch up Shipwreck beach, Greece.

Yes I will fix that.


does this fix the flat boats around Ford Island NALF Hawaii?

update 3.5 download

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Thanks for the heads up! May I ask if there is some source of info when there is an update? The product page on simMarket hasn’t been updated since the Nov 17th update … up until then, I had that tab permanently open and refreshed it to see if there was an update. Now, I only find out by chance or by logging in and comparing the version number under “my download” to what I have. Have I missed something, or is this what everyone is doing? :slight_smile: Many thanks!

On the simMarket website it is in:


If you are using the new simMarket App it is in the App Settings:


Good grief … I can’t believe I missed that feature and have been doing things manually for all these years. I must have a deeply masochistic streak. Thank you so much for pointing those settings out!


good info… tnx… I never paid attention to that…

Thank you @bijanstudio for adding the small harbor of Wustrow, Germany on the Baltic Sea in version 3.5! This really means a lot to me :slight_smile: If anybody wants to fly there, start from Barth EDBH and go straight west.

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Hi, I requested a marina at Bimini with my purchase back in October. Just noticed it’s not in the latest update. Whatever, this is still a cool product but I feel a little sheepish for taking the time to make a request. Perhaps you shouldn’t advertise the feature if you can’t make good on it.

It’s not up to us to explain this really, but Bijan (the dev) apparently lost a number of family members to Covid and as such hasn’t been ‘working’ for a good couple of months now. His last update on Discord was that he was out of the US with scant internet access and so couldn’t do anything.

I’m sure he’ll be back soon and will catch up on everything.


As some of you may have heard, I am back and will continue this project.
If anyone haven’t received their request fullfilled, let me know and I will include it in next update.