Projects created before the last update crash the sim

I can’t use my scenery project after the last update. After I load the project in the dev mode and try to open the bgl in the inspector - crash to desktop. Is there something that can be done without redoing the whole project?

I can confirm, that the trouble source here is Projected Mesh in the scenery. If I remove the projected mesh from the xml, the bgl opens in the editor without CTD. A hotfix is urgently needed.

I do confirm the Projected Mesh CDT issue ! Unable to resume work in my project(s) since yesterday’s update…


I also confirm it

Here is a work-around that should be valid even in future sim updates:

CTD with projected mesh for me too :frowning:

My old project is also crashing to desktop now with Sim Update 3, but no projected mesh

Try recompiling it with fspackagetool directly rather than in-sim.

My problem isn’t with the compiled package though, the problem is when I open the project editor and load the old project, as soon as I try to load the BGL in scenery editor that’s when it crashes.

Does it compile ok under the new SDK version, that’s what I’m saying. The fspackagetool could give you an error where the sim would crash. The error could lead you to an incompatible part in the xml code.

Ah got ya. I’m getting closer to a solution however, as I’ve been clearing different parts of the XML code to narrow down the problem. I’ve got it pinned to one of the PaintedLine elements - but still picking through them to find which one is the problem!

So I found the bug @Asobo. My display name was too long. (I had about 6 more “copy” in there than you see below, I can’t remember how many cause I kept deleting the length until it worked) But it worked before the SDK update. So Asobo take note! Too bad I wasted my night trying to pin this down.

(PaintedLine displayName=" (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy)" groupIndex=“173” type=“DEFAULT” trueAngle=“NONE”)

Thank !!! This was the culprit indeed !!! :slight_smile: