Prompting "Please insert the MSFS Game Disc" on a Gamepass installation

MSFS wants me to insert a Game Disc, never had one… :sweat_smile:
I have a Gamepass install, since yesterday the Game always made that Gaming Service Update issue - “First start after install, with all that settings pages”, already known error… but the Game Disc request is new to me!

So, no FlightSim today… :roll_eyes:

Edit: Found a “Go around” for that issue, if you start MSFS as Admin, it doesn’t bother you with the disc, instead you are getting the common Gaming Service Update issue… :laughing:

I had the same this evening.
I already did the update game service
now i update the xbox app

I Logout in the store and in the xbox app and then in again and the issue was gone:face_with_monocle:

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