Prop Planes and fish tailing on landing?

Recently noticed more fish tailing upon landing most prop planes.
QUESTION: Which of the currently available prop planes are least likely to fish tail on landing? I would like to figure out if the excessive fish tailing as of late is being caused by my controller and setup of same.
Mainly fly bush planes but same occurs with other recently flown planes. For for the past several days it has been hard to keep the tail on the runway so something is off [could be me]. I use the thumb stick on my CH Throttle as the rudder control. It had worked fine but something has changed to cause the excessive dancing on landing.

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Thanks, will give it a try.

You have to align the wheels with your ground track before touchdown. If not, you will swerve a bit because you are moving a different direction compared to the way the wheels are trying to roll. This is true in real life. Strong crosswinds make this more difficult and increase the tendency to swerve on touchdown significantly.