Prop RPM TBM 900

I find that 2000rpm is very loud. Stevo, in his TBM850, always reduces the prop RPM to 1900 in the cruise for this reason. In the TBM900 you can’t. Just wondering what the logic behind this is? Must be more uncomfortable for the pilot and passengers to have it stuck at 2000 all the time?


Hi, you can’t really compare Steveo’s 850 and the 930 from the prop point of view. The 930’s prop RPM/thrust management is more automated and the 2 planes have different propellors (5-blade in the 930). You’d have to sit in a real 930 to hear the result.

Fortunately you have a little volume slider somewhere :wink:

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In addition to the volume slider, mentioned by CalitFIPST, you can also set your device to Simulated Headset (or something like that) in the Audio Settings. This will make the sound more like what you hear in Stevo’s videos.


Thanks both :+1: