Propellor artefacts

Hi all. Using a G2 at present, and, after a lot of mucking about, I’ve finally got things running reasonably smoothly. However, the image through the prop blades is shockingly bad, with the horizon breaking up behind it. I’m guessing this is a reprojection issue. Any remedies?

Disable motion reprojection in OpenXR Developer tool.

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I agree with MrFuzzy4528. You will likely get evenly split opinion on using reprojection. I tried both and flip-flopped between on and off for a while. In the end - for me - I decided that I prefer the experience with it off. I decided that the slight improvement in smoothness wasn’t worth the image ‘tearing’ through props and when moving around airfields on the ground particularly.

If you search on the issue, you will find some mods specifically to address the prop display for specific aircraft. That might be enough to help you.

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Check here. This might be what mentioned above.


Thanks everyone. I’ll have an experiment with turning reprojection off, and see how the frame rates hold up. I’ll keep the mod idea as a last resort. I’m hoping to keep my installation as pure as possible.

Well, the propeller mods are a good solution in any case, because in reality you don’t see the strobo effect (a camera does). Even with this mod you will have artifacts on the wings when you turn the aircraft, but you can always try.
I personally prefer motion reprojection off.

Is there an equivalent to reported toon when using Steam VR and not WMR?

Those propeller mods are must haves!
They work perfectly…

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Reprojection? Yes, it’s in video settings - per-application settings - motion smoothing

Has anyone done a propeller mod for the JustFlight Piper Arrow?

In the Nvidia control panel I set transparent AA to 2x and I think it helped with the prop issue… Maybe it didn’t and was just a placebo.

They have one in version 2 I think (definitely in version 3), and it is miles (or is that kilometers :rofl: ) better!

Thanks. I’ll have a scout around.

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