Proper way to taxi when there is no taxiway?

What is the proper procedure to taxi on an airstrip with no taxiway?

Reason I ask is I sometimes like to use the Space Shuttle Landing Facility. It can be roughly a 3 to 4 mile long trip to parking and ATC seems to get impatient.

All lights on, stay in the middle, monitor and announce over the field
radio freq, that your on it and what your doing, don’t dilly dally around and be quick, safely, but quick…And keep your eyes open :smiley:

I landed once and then decided fly to the exit, lol.

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Taxi back on the runway is fine… At runways that are set up that way the locals know the drill, so you announce all your moves on CTAF, or if its a controlled field the tower will advise, but regardless, don’t expect MSFS ATC to know what to do about you. :joy:

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:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: it’s a very long way, practice touch and go and taxi! Probably be able to get at least 3 in :thinking:

Officially the answer is, turn around and “back-track” the runway. In real life ATC will never tell you to “leave runway when able” or “turn next taxiway” that is just MSFS bs. They might say “expedite vacating” if there is another aircraft on final, but not during a backtrack situation.

It’s kind of comical on this runway! There are perhaps 3 ways they phrase “get off the runway” and you hear each one many times over.

Incidentally, I was being held short for a take off for a long time while another airplane was a the runway. Not sure if it was a multiplayer situation where someone just parked it or some glitch. I couldn’t see it.

I tend to not have multiplayer on too much as it creates and excessive amount of military traffic. The real world traffic adds enough for me. But it’s cool to see how many simmers are using the local airpark.

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